January 2011. Beverly Hills, California. SmART is called out to rescue an injured cat that has evaded all other attempts.

The cat had an injury on its front leg but would not go into a humane trap, let anyone near it, or fall for the old “tranquilizer in food” trick.

SmART Members set up specialized nets along with a tranquilizer gun to attempt the rescue.   The first dart missed and the cat ran into the jungle like hills so a search for him began. Nett located the cat three houses away perched on a swimming pool shed. A second dart was prepared and shot.

SmART moved in for the rescue and within minutes, the cat was in one of the Teams Rescue Nets.

The cat, Animal ID #A1182494, was taken to the West LA Shelter and luckily had no broken bones. He is being treated for his injury and is available for adoption. He is a very sweet cat waiting for his forever home.